Engine Starting Units

START PAC 3328 Special


Maintenance PSU

START PAC 53050-12/14V


Maintenance PSU

START PAC 53050-24/28V


Maintenance PSU

START PAC 53105M-24/28V


Maintenance PSU

START PAC 53025/24V


Ground Power Parts & Accessories

START PAC Trolley (single or dual unit)


Ground Power Units



Aircraft Ground Power Units for Business Aviation Sector

Here at Avibuy GSE Aircraft Ground Power Units are our speciality, and we are proud to offer a range of cost effective, reliable and highly efficient ground power units for your MRO or airport facility. We supply a wide range of aircraft GPUs and starting units to meet any business or general aviation requirement. Our lithium battery powered units are highly portable, zero emissions and can be installed and deployed in minutes.

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