7 Benefits of Mobile Ground Power Units

7 Benefits of Mobile Ground Power Units

Ground power units (GPUs) have been a mainstay of the aviation industry for many years, providing aircraft with electrical power on the ground when they need it. A ground power unit (GPU) is a vital piece of equipment that delivers power to aircraft on the ground without wasting fuel. It’s an integral part of any ground support equipment (GSE) fleet.

GPUs can keep an aircraft powered on the ground after landing by providing electricity to the aircraft’s various components, such as for lights and air-conditioning, as well as to start the aircraft’s engine and the aircraft’s auxiliary power unit (APU). GPUs are also used to power the onboard systems of aircraft while they are being boarded and loaded. Additionally, GPUs are valuable for maintenance and repair when there is a need to power on the onboard system or test the electronic systems before and after maintenance is completed.

While there are many different types of GPUs available, mobile ground power units (MGPUs) have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to their versatility and convenience. Mobile ground power units offer a number of benefits over traditional fixed-base GPUs, making them an attractive option for aircraft operators and MRO facilities alike. In this article, we will explore some of the key benefits that mobile ground power units offer.

1 Save MRO Downtime:

One of the biggest advantages of MGPUs is that they can be deployed quickly and easily, which can save MRO facilities significant downtime if an aircraft requires additional power. MGPUs can be set up in minutes. This quick deployment time means that MRO facilities can get aircraft back up and running swiftly.

2 Enable Quick Response:

In addition to their quick deployment time, MGPUs also respond quickly to changes in load demand. If an aircraft needs more or less power than was originally anticipated, MGPUs can be adjusted rapidly to meet the new demand. This flexibility is not possible with traditional fixed-base GPUs, which can often lead to aircraft being idled for long periods while power levels are slowly increased or decreased. If an MGPU is not being used, it can also be easily moved to another location where it may be needed. MGPUs are well-suited to responding quickly to changing environments. Their ease and efficiency mean they are often used in emergency situations, such as when an aircraft must be evacuated or when an aircraft needs to be moved to a different location.

3 Suited to Challenging Environments:

MGPUs are well-suited for challenging environments, such as those found in remote locations. MGPUs are not limited to use in airports, they can be transported by road, rail, or air to any location, making them ideal for use in areas where traditional fixed-base GPUs cannot reach. Additionally, MGPUs do not require a concrete foundation, making them ideal for use on soft or uneven surfaces.

4 Essential in Remote Rescue:

MGPUs can also be used for remote rescue operations, such as when an aircraft has been forced to land in a remote location. MGPUs can be airlifted to the site of the aircraft and used to provide power for essential systems, such as communications and navigation. Additionally, MGPUs can be used to provide power for on-site maintenance teams, allowing them to work quickly and efficiently. Their flexibility can be crucial in rapidly changing situations such as natural disasters or other emergencies. This also makes them ideal for medevac air rescue.

5 Support Mobilising Maintenance Teams:

Another significant benefit of MGPUs is mobilising maintenance teams quickly and easily. MGPUs can be deployed to the site of an aircraft that requires maintenance, providing power for on-site teams. This eliminates the need for teams to travel to a traditional fixed-base GPU, which can save time and money. Also, it’s cheaper to take ground power to the aircraft than the aircraft to the ground power.

6 Cheaper than GPUs:

MGPUs are generally cheaper to operate than traditional fixed-base GPUs. Additionally, MGPUs are typically smaller than traditional fixed-base GPUs, making them less expensive to manufacture. MGPUs are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective solution for airport ground crews. MGPUs allow pilots to shut down engines during long layovers, which can save on fuel costs.

7 Lower Emissions:

MGPUs also have lower emissions than traditional fixed-base GPUs. MGPUs do not require a concrete foundation and can be powered by renewable energy sources, such as solar panels. Additionally, MGPUs are more fuel efficient than traditional fixed-base GPUs. They are also generally quieter. AviBuy offers an electric self-driven mobile ground power unit that is designed to replace diesel-electric hybrid generators and is zero emissions (see our next post).

Getting the Right Ground Power Unit

Voltage requirements can vary considerably and using a GPU that is not specifically designed for the aircraft model can cause damage to the ignition, starter motor and avionics. So, when it comes to ground power units, it’s critical to get a GPU that is suitable for the aircraft in your fleet or that come through your airport or MRO centre. AviBuy offers a wide range of mobile ground power units specifically for business aircraft and helicopters. Our range of aircraft GPUs are suited for virtually all aircraft in the category, including manufacturers such as Cessna, Piper Aircraft, Hawker Beechcraft, Bombardier, Embraer and more. Moreover, if you have a specific application or unique voltage requirement, we have the ability to supply custom ground power solutions.

In Summary

Mobile ground power units offer a number of advantages over traditional fixed-base ground power units, making them an attractive option for aircraft operators and MRO facilities alike. Mobile ground power units are less expensive to operate, have lower emissions, and can be deployed quickly and easily. Additionally, mobile ground power units are well-suited for challenging environments, such as those found in remote locations. Mobile ground power units can be used for a variety of applications, making them a versatile and convenient option for aircraft operators and MRO facilities. See our website for the mobile ground power units available at AviBuy.